IPC - Volunteers Needed


We are looking for several enthusiastic people to join our team as mid- to long-term volunteers (starting asap or over the next few months) and support us before and during the pre-IPC India 2017 Teacher Training (TT) from 21-30 October 2017 and Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) from 3-22 November 2017.

For the PDC we are looking for:

  • Advertising & Social Media Volunteer
  • Communications & Registrations Assistance Volunteer

For the TT & PDC together we are looking for:

  • Catering Liaison Volunteer
  • Event Logistics & Course Assistance Volunteers (two persons)

Skills and experience required for all positions (scroll down for details specific to each position):

  • Excellent communication skills and polite manners
  • Inter-cultural sensitivity, collaborative work attitude and ability to work well in a team
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Attention to detail, structured and meticulous work style
  • High level of motivation and commitment
  • Good knowledge of permaculture principles and a strong and active commitment to the ethics of permaculture - Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. You have either taken a PDC course already or are eager to do so before October 2017.
  • Flexibility to take over new tasks not listed here and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances
  • In addition, please carefully read the skills, experience and responsibilities for the position you’re interested in below.

Time frame

All positions are part-time with flexible hours, starting in February 2017 up to December 2017. This job is a long-term commitment, and we expect all volunteers to remain committed to it until after the course and convergence, i.e. end of November 2017. Some follow-up work and communication will also be expected up to January 2018.

Working hours

Hours until November 2017 can be discussed individually; there is likely to be less work for the first few months, with things picking up in the last months and weeks before the course. Flexibility in reacting to changing requirements is essential. We are aware that all volunteers will have other obligations, and everyone’s needs will be discussed in the team and solutions found as required.

All volunteers are expected to be on site full-time from 21st October until 24th November 2017. During the course, you will as much as time permits be encouraged to sit in for classes, benefit from our team of high profile instructors and network with instructors and participants in your free time. You will however be expected to be available on short notice at all times during the course as circumstances and unexpected events call for. All volunteers will be free to attend the IPC Conference and Convergence happening right after the course.


We are not able to offer monetary compensation for these posts, as the course is designed with a tight budget, and any profits from the course will be donated to support the IPC India 2017.

You will get rewarded by getting to work and connect with a team of high-level international permaculture practitioners and teachers, you will build your work experience in an international team of caring and enthusiastic permaculturists. If needed, you can get a reference letter from Aranya Agricultural Alternatives at the end of the course if you worked to mutual satisfaction. In addition, you will get free food and accommodation (probably in a shared tent, although you’ll be welcome to bring your own tent, too) during the course and a discount on your registration for the IPC Conference and Convergence.

Volunteers report to the project managers of the course and to Rico Zook, and work in close collaboration with the IPC team in Hyderabad. We work in a team with flat hierarchies, where each of us takes responsibility for their work and is expected to work in an independent and pro-active manner, keeping team members in the loop about important developments and consulting with them as and when required.


To apply for any of the positions, please write to Nina on ipcpdc2017 [at] gmail [dot] com, and include Roman on TTIPCINDIA [at] permacultureindia [dot] org if you’re applying for event logistics & course assistance, or catering liaison.

Please apply until March 30th, 2017 although we would prefer to fill some of the positions - especially advertising & social media - as soon as possible, so the sooner you apply the better.

Advertising & Social Media Volunteer(for PDC)

Experience and skills:

  • Experience in content writing, advertising and managing social media campaigns
  • Experience in digital content management
  • Layout and design skills
  • Photography and videography


  • Work in close collaboration and liaison with IPC communications team
  • Manage Facebook events and setup Facebook group for participants, moderate them until after the course
  • Support IPC team in placing ads on websites, magazines and other media
  • Create e-flyer for sharing and posting; recruit and liaise with designer if needed
  • Create short write-ups and mailings to mailing lists, groups etc.
  • Write and layout instructor profiles for advertising
  • Documentation: Filming and taking pictures during course, posting them online during and after the course, selecting and editing them to share with participants.

Communications & Registrations Assistance Volunteer (for PDC)

Experience and skills:

  • Excellent communication skills and polite manners
  • Inter-cultural sensitivity


  • General communication and handling enquiries from prospective participants
  • Create an FAQ document and keep adding to it
  • Send out confirmation letters and participant kits when they register
  • Visa and travelling assistance for participants
  • Create feedback form, monitor completion and consolidate results
  • Manage exchange of files and pictures after the course

Catering Liaison Volunteer (for TT & PDC combined)

Experience and skills:

  • Fluent in Telugu, Hindi and English
  • Experience in organic and healthy catering
  • Good knowledge of local agricultural produce and its processing
  • Familiarity with special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, food allergies etc., and sensitivity to dietary habits of different cultures
  • Food hygiene training (or willingness to complete one before starting work)


  • Liaison with IPC team and consult on cropping plan on the farm
  • Liaison with organic farmers and retailers in the region for procurement
  • Support caterer with menu planning and monitor catering throughout the course
  • As needed, consult and train caterer for specific requirements
  • If required by caterer, arrange for participants to help out as volunteers
  • Buying equipment and procuring ingredients as needed

Event Logistics and Course Assistance Volunteers (for TT & PDC combined)

For this position, we need two persons who will work in close collaboration.

Experience and skills:

  • Fluent in Telugu, Hindi and English
  • Excellent communication skills and polite manners
  • Inter-cultural sensitivity


  • Liaison between course team and IPC team, farm manager and staff on site
  • Managing IT & communication such as internet connection on site, assisting participants and instructors with IT and internet issues
  • In-charge for first aid, health and safety
  • Making sure everyone is familiar with the infrastructure on site, their responsibilities and the daily schedules; for instance making and distributing participant & instructor kits with venue map, schedules, dos & don’ts etc.; briefing arriving guest on their first day
  • Procuring classroom supplies and managing stocks during the course
  • Printing and xeroxing study materials
  • Participant checkin & checkout; managing accommodation-related logistics and queries
  • Manage cleaning staff and coordinate final clean-up after the course
  • Manage rental and logistics of vehicles & drivers for shuttle service from Hyderabad
  • Coordinate transport of participants and instructors to and from venue and for field trips
  • Occasional visits to the farm before the beginning of the course will be expected as and when needed.